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The Rossland Tennis Society is a community-run tennis club that welcomes all levels of player and aims to provide everyone with opportunities to improve their play.

The three courts, just blocks from the downtown core, have been described as, “quite possibly the most scenic tennis courts in British Columbia.” Overlooking Happy Valley to the east, the courts have incredible views looking out over the Columbia Valley and surrounding mountains, forests and farmland. An additional court is located at Red Mountain.

The main courts were originally built in the late 1800’s, providing summer recreation for the booming gold mine town. They were resurfaced in 2008 and volunteers maintain the courts each year. A long-term plan to upgrade the facility and provide for easy maintenance is in the works.


A Historic Canadian Mountain Town with a Tennis Legacy

Video Credit: Tourist Tennis


The Rossland Tennis Society is open to everyone.

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Welcome back to the courts!

Rossland Tennis is following the advice of the City of Rossland and Tennis Canada for a progressive return to play. Please follow the City’s directives, posted on the gate, and Tennis Canada’s recommendations, posted on the club’s bulletin board (just inside the courts). A summary of these recommendations, along with hand sanitizer, are available at the gate. Note that we cannot guarantee that sanitizer will always be available, so please bring your own.

“Please maintain a distance of at least 2 metres, wash or sanitize your hands and do not touch your face when playing.

“No lessons will be provided for the time being.”